Liberation War Museum Outreach Program

History of the Liberation War and Emergence of Bangladesh, foundation course, ZNRF University of Management Sciences has organized a discussion meeting with the freedom fighters on 22 May 2022 (Sunday), at the university auditorium. Ms. Nargis Rahman, Vice-Chairman, ZNRF University of Management Sciences Dr. Zubaidur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Zahedul Islam Mahmud, and Rabeya Zahid, honorable member of the trusty board of ZNRF University of Management Sciences, brave freedom fighter Col. (Ret) Toufiqr Rahman, sector-2, SM Abdullah (Sahab) FF sector -2, Manik Samajdar freedom fighter sector-2, Sayed Ali Afsar, freedom fighter, sector 2, Mizan Ahmed, freedom fighter, sector 2, Mujubur Rahman, National Player and freedom fighters, Sector-9, Mohd Ali, Registrar, all teachers and students of the university were presented with the discussion program.

At the beginning of the program, course instructor Ruma Halder briefed the course syllabus and requested to all freedom fighters to share their feeling and experiences at the time of the liberation war.

Mr. Zahedul Islam Mahmud, freedom fighter, sector 2, shared his experiences on the battlefield as well as his experiences in the Pakistani armys concentration camp as a prisoner. He described how they join with freedom fighters and fight against Pakistani rulers

Col. (Ret.) Toufiqur Rahman told that operation searchlight inspired him to join the fight for freedom. When the joined as a freedom fighter his age was 15 and he was a school student. He shared his guerrilla training, guerilla operations and training experiences.

Mr. Mizan Uddin Ahmed shared bilonya fighting with the Pakistani army and how he returned from death.

Mr. SM Abdullah Sahab described his battlefield war and he was inspired to join to see the poster Sonar Bangla Shashan Keno? He invited students for searching real and live freedom fighters and to bring to light the real history of Bangladesh. He requested the students to think and keep in their minds the history of Bangladesh.

Mr. Mojibur Rahman, National Player and freedom fighter discussed his fighting in Noalikhali. He described his guerrilla war using sporting experiences.

At the end of the program, students asked questions to freedom fighters and freedom fighters give them answers.