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A Visit to the Liberation War Museum and National Museum of Science and Technology

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ZNRF University of Management Sciences, arranged a study tour to the Liberation War Museum at Agargaon on October 14, 2023 under the guidance of course instructor Ruma Halder. The visit was conducted as part of “GED 101: History of the Emergence of Bangladesh”. Students were taken to the Liberation War Museum to imbibe a sense of patriotism and the spirit of the Liberation War of 1971 in them.


Students came to know about the heroic struggle of our people for establishing their separate identity as an independent nation from the British regime and subsequently from the Pakistani Juntas. They got to know about the struggle for democracy, political and economic emancipation starting from 1947 and culminating in their armed struggle during the 9-months long War of Liberation in 1971. 

Afterward, students were shown a documentary on the Liberation War. The documentary illustrated the background of the Liberation War, historic events, and sacrifices of the three million Bengalis. After that they participated in a quiz competition which concluded with a prize giving ceremony. Three students received awards in the quiz competition. Students showed their utmost love and respect for the national heroes who sacrificed their lives so that later generations can live in an independent Bangladesh.

Later the same day they also visited National Museum of Science and Technology at Agargaon under the supervision of Ruma Halder and Students Relations Officers Sujan Datta and Ritu Mondal. They viewed galleries which exhibited interesting science illustrations and technologies. They got to know many unknown facts and also enjoyed a 4D movie (e.g., astronomical face etc.), a new experience for many. 

The GED curricula covers a variety of subjects drawn from the Sciences and Humanities aimed at a mastery of skills that can be used across disciplines. ZNRF promotes GED to develop well-rounded individuals graduating from any program of ZNRF University who have a broad range of knowledge with the ability to think critically, learn creatively and communicate skilfully.

The study tour will remind the young students how rewarding, educational research, and engaging an experience it was for them.

The trip ended with a good meal which is always a source of happiness for the students, and it seemed they enjoyed it even more in the presence of their friends.

We belief that the tour would enrich and strengthen their observation skills, networking skills, team building skills, increase their knowledge and expand their awareness of the surrounding.

## ZNRF university is a non-profit higher educational institution in Bangladesh. From the beginning this university seeks to develop and is trying to instill the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively efficiently with responsibility in the students for the betterment of mankind.


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