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Day-long celebration on the occasion of sixth foundation anniversary of ZNRF University of Management Sciences


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On the occasion of the 6th foundation anniversary celebration of the ZNRF University of Management Sciences, a fun festival was organized at the University Auditorium today. This festival is conducted in two phases. In the first part, “a special chat of university students with freedom fighters”. Organized. In the second phase, a cultural program was organized with the participation of students.

This chat of the first phase was held very informally. The students were joined by Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchu, Company Commander of Dhaka Uor Mukti Bahini, Ekushe Medal Awarded Distinguished Theater and Film Director, Dhaka Theatre, Bangladesh Village Theatre, one of the founders of Sammilita Sanskultur Jota, Jesus of 71, based on Guerrilla Liberation War Director of various movies. He attended the event virtually. Linu Billah, eminent voice artist, member of crack platoon of sector 2, brave freedom fighter. Shafiqul Islam Swapan, multiple national award-winning cinematographer and cinematographer and veteran freedom fighter of Sector 2. Shahab Abdullah, a brave freedom fighter of Narsingdi, Manohardi, Shibpur area, Sector No. 2. Monirul Islam, three-time MP, heroic freedom fighter of Sector 9. Mizan Ahmed, a brave freedom fighter of sector 2 of Dhaka East area. Helal Taslim, y platoon, freedom fighter of Sector 2 Sajib Group, Azimpur. Mujibur Rahman, a brave freedom fighter of Sector 9 of Sundarban area. Ali Afsar, a brave freedom fighter of Sector 2 of Dhaka North Army. Maniklal Samajdar, a brave freedom fighter of Sector 9 of Payara Bagan area of ​​Barisal. Jahedul Mahmud Jami, prisoner of war and brave freedom fighter of Sector 2 of Dhaka North Army. Honorable Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Zubaidur Rahman gave the welcome speech.

Ruma Halder, Director IQAC was in charge of conducting this chat today.

At the beginning of the conversation, Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchu narrated his experience of participation in the Liberation War including the events of the night of 25 March 1971. He called upon the students to use the ideology of nation building to build the nation.

Then Shahab Abdullah together with his friend Moidul Islam Chuni gave a description of the experience of the training camp and the front battle. He raised the information about the state honoring of the freedom fighters by the students.

Freedom fighter Shafiqul Islam Swapan shared an emotional incident with the students by recounting the terrible memories of entering Bangladesh after completing guerrilla training in 1971.

Helal Taslim said that he participated in the Liberation War as a teenager. He describes the liberation war from the perspective of a teenager.

Mujibur Rahman describes a guerilla war against Pak Bahini in 1971 Sundarbans.He gives students ideas about regular forces and minor operations. He highlighted the differences between West Pakistanis and East Pakistanis in 1971 and earlier.

Then Jahedul Muhammed Jami was a prisoner of war and a freedom fighter of Sector No. 2. Before he started the liberation war, he and his associates attacked the office of BNR (Brother of National Reconstruction) in Dhaka. After that, from the night of 25th March, he collected weapons from Rajarbagh Pushalash and took up his position at Jinjira. After that he participated in various operations locally. He was picked up by the Pakistani army and subjected to unspeakable torture in captivity. After being released as a prisoner of war, he joined the Dhaka North Liberation Army. Karna talked about some operations during this period. They bring out in the narrative how much they have achieved through hardships. He is a trustee of this university.

Brave freedom fighter Linu Billah shares his experience of torture at the hands of Pak soldiers while a prisoner of war. And describes how he was released along with his three brothers.

In the last part of this episode, after the independence of his country, Linu Billah sang his first song on television and the song Amar Bangla Ma Tor- to express the joy of independence to the students.

Brave freedom fighter Monirul Islam announced the end of this episode by thanking the University of Management Science on behalf of the freedom fighters present.

Later in the afternoon, the students organized a cultural program on the occasion of the sixth foundation anniversary of the university. Students studying in the university perform dance, song, poetry and comedy in this cultural event. The university’s teachers and students were also present in this cultural event. This entertainment program is concluded by cutting the cake.


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