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ZUMS Business Club Presents: Planting a Sustainable Future


About The Event

To promote environmental awareness and sustainability within the university community.
To contribute to the fight against climate change by planting trees.
To foster a sense of responsibility for the environment among students and faculty.

Slogan: “Plant today, Thrive tomorrow!” / Green Earth, Happy Heart.

Day-by-Day Activities for Tree Plantation Week: (28 Oct – 03 November 2023)

Day 1 – Kick-off Ceremony: Done
– Opening ceremony with a keynote speaker on environmental conservation:
Board of Trustees: Nargis Rafiqua Rahman, Vice-Chairman (ZUMS).
– Planting of the first tree at the university entrance.
– Workshops on tree planting techniques and care.

Day 2- Awareness Campaign:
– Information booths set up around campus.

Day 3-Tree Planting Contest:
– Student teams compete in planting the most trees.
– Judging based on planting techniques, care, and teamwork.
– Prizes for the winning team and recognition for all participants.

Day 3-6 Campus Beautification:
– Focus on planting trees in key areas of the university campus.
– Collaborative efforts involving students, faculty, and staff.
– Discussions on the aesthetic and environmental benefits of trees.
– Sharing insights on the importance of trees.

Community Engagement:
– Tree planting in nearby public spaces or parks.
– Inviting local community members to join in.
– Building connections between the university and the surrounding community.

Day 7 – Closing Ceremony and Pledge:
– Recap of the week’s activities and achievements.
– Workshop on Climate Change, sustainable living (পরিষ্কার পরিছন্নতা অভিযান)
at Hatirjheel.

Throughout the week, social media updates, photography, and videos should be used to document and share the progress and impact of the Tree Plantation Week, encouraging more people to get involved in the cause of environmental conservation.


Website https://zums.edu.bd/

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  • Cost Free
  • Event date
    October 28, 2023
    November 3, 2023
  • Event time 12:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Location ZNRF University of Management Sciences
  • Organiser ZUMS Business Club Presents
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