Dr. Bernard Wasow

Dr. Bernard Wasow
Adjunct Professor


  • Ph.D. Economics, Stanford University, 1976
  • M.A., Economics, Stanford University, 1968
  • Freie Universität Berlin 1965-66
  • B.A. Reed College 1965

Professional Experience 

  • New York University, Assistant Professor, 1975-80; Associate Professor (Tenured), 1980- 1995; Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, 1980-83, 1989-1995; On Leave 1983- 84, 1986-87, 1992-93
  • Twentieth Century Fund/The Century Foundation, Senior Fellow, 1999-2010; Acting Director of Washington DC Office 1999-2002
  • Ford Foundation, Program Officer (International Economics and Development) 1996-1998
  • Central European University (Prague, Czech Republic) Visiting Professor, Fall 1992
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Research Economist. International Financial Markets Department, 1986-1987
  • Harvard Institute for International Development, Adviser in Bangladesh, 1983-84, Summer 1985
  • Committee to Study Puerto Rico’s Finances, Assistant Staff Director, 1974-75
  • Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi, Research Fellow 1973-74
  • University of Nairobi (Kenya), Visiting Assistant Lecturer 1969-71, Lecturer 1971-73
  • University of British Columbia, Instructor 1968-69
  • Stanford University, Teaching Assistant 1967-68

Selected Publication 

“Dependent Growth in a Capital Importing Economy: The Case of Puerto Rico,” Oxford                      Economic Papers, March 1978.                                                                                                                                   “Saving and Dependence with Externally Financed Growth,” Review of Economics and Statistics, February 1979.

“Optimal Income Distribution with Variable Factor Supplies: A Graphical Exposition,”                             Manchester School, March 1980.                                                                                                                            “The Working Age Sex Ratio and Job Search Migration in Kenya,” Journal of Developing Areas,                 December 1980.

“The Real Interest Rate, Foreign Capital, and Domestic Saving: The Case of Korea,” (with Jongmoo Choi), Journal of Economic Development, April 1981.

“Technology Transfer in the Insurance Industry,” in Service Industries and Economic                         Development, (R.K. Shelp, J.C. Stephenson, N.S. Truitt, and B. Wasow), Praeger, 1984.                                         The Insurance Industry in Economic Development, edited with R.D. Hill. I am author of five chapters and the introduction. New York University Press, 1986.

“Supplier Induced Demand for Physician Services,” (with J. Ramsey), in Advances in                            Econometrics, Volume 5, D.J. Slottje, editor, JAI press, 1986.

“The Soviet Bloc in Transition” in Making Capitalism Work, Leonard Silk, Mark Silk, Robert Heilbroner, Jonas Pontusson, and Bernard Wasow, New York University Press, 1996

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“Tax Breaks and Behavior: a Review of Evidence” in Bad Breaks All Around, The Report of the Century Foundation Working Group on Tax Expenditures, Century Foundation Press, 2002

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“Job, Wages and the Labor Supply: A Model of Equilibrium Unemployment in Puerto Rico” (with Gilberto Arroyo). (Revision requested by Economic Development and Cultural Change, but not undertaken.)

“A Note on Wage/Exchange Rate Policy in an Open Underdeveloped Economy,” East African Social Science Conference, 1970.

“A Note on Wage/Exchange Rate Policy in an Open Underdeveloped Economy,” East African Social Science Conference, 1970.

“Labor Force Allocation in Underdeveloped Market Economies,” Institute for Development Studies Working Paper 96, 1973.

“Investment and Saving Trends in Puerto Rico: Background to the Current Financial Problems,” Committee to Study Puerto Rico’s Finances, 1974.

“The Economic Future of Puerto Rico,” paper prepared for Hudson Institute, 1977. “Public Sector Involvement in the Insurance Industry: Implications for Economic Development,” with Raymond Hill, 1979.

“A Projection Framework for a Small, Open, Developing Economy,” Working Paper, 1981. “A Reevaluation of Supply and Demand Concepts in Physician Care,” with James Ramsey, 1980.

“An Assessment of the Outlook for Economic Growth, Borrowing and Debt Service in Puerto Rico,” 1982.

“Industrial Finance Policy in Bangladesh,” 1984.

“An Analysis of the Effect of Policy on the Choice of Technique in Textile Weaving in Bangladesh,” 1984.

“Company Income Taxation and Tax Holidays in Bangladesh,” 1984.

“Incentive Effects of Industrial Import Licensing in Bangladesh,” 1984

“Policy to Encourage Regional Dispersal of Industry in Bangladesh: An Assessment,” 1984.

“Economic Policy and Economic Growth in Asia: An Initial Probe,” 1984.

“Bangladesh Trade and Industrial Policy Reform Programme: Investment Incentives Unit Final Summary,” 1985.

“Financial Depth: A Look at Causes and Consequences,” 1986.

“High Inflation and Fiscal Deficits in Economies with Thin Financial Markets,” 1987.

“How Open is the Japanese Economy?” 1987.

“A Debt Relief Scheme,” 1988.

“Behind Closed Doors: How Industrial Import Policy Works in Bangladesh,” 1989.

“Adjustment and Private Investment in Kenya,” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper WPS 878, March 1992 (with Kazi Matin).

“The Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment in the Presence of Price Distortions: the Case of Kenya,” 1991.

“The Supply Response to Macroeconomic and Trade Policy Reform in Africa,” 1992

“The Supply Response in Mongolia,” 1994

“World Bank Financial Sector Technical Assistance Report,” on Mission of October 10-27, 1994

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“Globalization, Governance, and Security,” with Janne Nolan February 2000

“Some Key Economic, Demographic, and Social Trends from the 2002 World Development Indicators,” 2002

“Patterns of Change in the Unemployment Rate in the OECD” (with Guy Pfefferman), 2005

“Crash Ahead? Projecting Future Global Energy Demand,” 2006

“Another Look at the International Middle Class,” 2007

Many short pieces on economic policy for The Century Foundation

Op-eds and letters in a number of publications including Foreign Affairs, The Financial Times, The Globalist, The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and The Washington Post