Dr. Mohammad Osman Gani

Dr. Mohammad Osman Gani

Academic Background 

  • Ph.D., Economics, New York University, 1995
  • M.A., Economics, New York University, 1990
  • M.A., Economics, (First Class Second) Dhaka University, 1975
  • B.A., Economics, (First Class First) Dhaka University, 1974
  • HSC Humanities, Comilla Board (First Division First) 1972

Professional Experience 

Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) Professor 2006 – 2019 

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Weekly Shomoy 

Executive Editor

February 2000 – April 2006 

Toronto, Canada

Voyager Group of Industries Consultant, Export Development February 2000 – April 2002 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Multi-disciplinary Action Research Committee Senior Economist November 1998 – September 1999

 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Millennium Consulting 

Senior Economist

October 1997 – August 1998 

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ebon Academy 

Assistant Professor

February 1996 – August 1997 Forsyth, Georgia, USA
CV Starr Center for Applied Economics, NYU Research Associate September 1985 – December 1995

 New York, USA

College of Insurance, NYU 

Assistant Professor

July 1986 – December 1990; 

September 1993 – June 1995

 New York, USA 

Washington Square College, New York University 


January 1991 – September 1992

 New York, USA

Joint Council on Economic Education Research Associate September 1987 – June 1990 

New York, USA

Technical Services and Consultants Ltd Research Director [Partner] March 1986 – June 1987

 New York, USA

Harvard International Institute of Development, Ministry of Industry Bangladesh

 National Consultant

March 1983 – September 1985 

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grameen Bank Project 

Research Fellow

January 1983 – August 1985

 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ministry of Health and Population Control

 Assistant Chief of Planning

January 1983 – April 1983 

Dhaka, Bangladesh

National Foundation for Research on Human Resource Development (NFRHRD) 

Research Fellow

February 1979 – December 1982 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Foundation for Educational Planning and Development (FREPD) 

Research Assistant

March 1977 – April 1979

 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka University

 Research Assistant

July 1976 – January 1977 

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Selected Publication

2018 M Gani & Shamil M Islam: Impact of credit on food security, a case study (CBPR).

2017 M Gani : A Model of indirect exchange, presented at the BEA conference on 23/12/2017.

2016 M Gani, Economic impact of credit on food security: A case study of Suhilpur Union.

2016 M Gani; Economic impact of credit on educational attainment: A case study of Suhilpur Union.

2015 M Gani, Economics of battery-operated vehicles in Bangladesh: a case study, prepared for IBPR.

2015 M Gani, Economic determinants of educational attainment at elementary level: a case study of Suhilpur Union, submitted to Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Statistics.

2015 M Gani, Economic DETERMINANTS OF FOOD SECURITY IN SUHILPUR UNION: A CASE STUDY, submitted to Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Statistics.

2014 M Gani, Economic and Social Preconditions for Community Based Water Management in Polder 3, Khulna, Bangladesh, Journal of International Water Management Institute, Vol 8, No. 4.

2013 MOHAMMAD OSMAN GANI AND A. F. M. MAINUL AHSAN : An investment council for Bangladesh Institutional Facility to improve the investment climate Pacific Business Review International Volume 5 Issue 10 (April 2013).

2013 A. F. M. Mainul Ahsan, Mohammad Osman Gani, Md. Bokhtiar Hasann .“Effects of Misinformation on the E Stock Return: A Case Study” Advances in Economics and Business 1(3): 282-289, 2013 http://www.hrpub.org DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2013.010305.

2012 Mohammad Osman Gani and A. F. M. Mainul Ahsan Business Leaders’ Perceptions on Tax and Finance Policy for Improving the Investment Climate in Bangladesh. Indian Economic Journal Volume 59, Number – 4, January-March,2012.

2012 Gani, Mohammad O. & Ahsan, A. F. M. M. (2012): “Infrastructure problems and investment climate in Bangladesh’. Economics, Management, and Financial Markets’, vol. 7, Issue 3, 2012 [ISSN 1842-3191]. This highly rated journal is indexed in numerous index journals.

2012 Gani, M & Ahsan, A. F .M. M. (2012): ‘Business Leaders’ perceptions on Tax, and Finance Policy for Improving the Investment Climate in Bangladesh. Indian Economic Journal, Vol. 59, Issue 4 (December 2012). This highly rated journal is indexed in numerous index services.

2012 Gani, Mohammad (2012): “Governance Issues and Investment Climate”. Independent Business Review, Vol. 5, Issue 1 (September 2012). [ISSN: 1996-3578].

2012 Gani, Mohammad (June, 2012) “Challenges in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Sugar Industry in Bangladesh” {ISBN 978-81-908155-8-1] Bangalore: Prakruthi This is a specialized monograph publication rigorously reviewed by professionals at Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) and CSR Centre (Bangladesh).

2011 Business Leader’s Perceptions on Investment Climate in Bangladesh, ICRU, IUB, Dhaka. December 2011.

2010 Money in Market Clearing, Independent Business Review.

2005 (Article): Amasa Walker, in Biographical Dictionary of American Economists, Ed. Ross Emmett, London: Continuum.

2005 M Gani, “New Trade Theory Takes Over Monetary Theory,” International Trade 0405005, Econ WPA.

2004 Mohammad Gani, 2004. “Though Arrow Says It’s Impossible, It Happens Every day,” Microeconomics 0405008, Econ WPA.

2004 Mohammad Gani, 2004. “Money in Market Clearing,” Macroeconomics 0410009, EconWPA. [Downloadable!].

2004 M Gani, “Micro Takes Over Macro,” Macroeconomics 0404012, EconWPA. [Downloadable!].

2004 Mohammad Gani, “Equality of Demand and Supply Neither Determines Price Nor Clears the Market,” Microeconomics 0405007, EconWPA. [Downloadable!].

2004 Mohammad Gani, “Exit Lucas, Reenter Keynes,” Macroeconomics 0405022, Econ WPA. [Downloadable!].

2004 Mohammad Gani, “The meaning of gainful trade,” International Trade 0405007, Econ WPA. [Downloadable!].

2003 Mohammad Gani (Book): Foundations of Economic Science, Dhaka: Scholars. A new paradigm of economic analysis.

1995, Doctoral Dissertation: Essays on Economic Development and Demographic Transition, approved by New York University, available as UMI # 9609200.

1978: Co-author, Baseline Survey on Fertility Behavior in Bangladeshi Villages. NFRHRD, Dhaka.

1979: Co-author, Capacity Utilization in Primary Education in Bangladesh, NFRHRD, Dhaka.

1982: Socioeconomic characteristics of borrowers, Grameen Bank Project, Dhaka.

1983: Socio-economic Conditions of the Parshuram Flood Control Project Area, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Dhaka.

1984: Co-author (with Prof. Mosleh Uddin, ISRT, DU) Socioeconomic Effects of Early Implementation Projects in Ten Flood Control Project Areas, Bangladesh Water Development Board.

1985: Co-author (with Professor Muzaffer Ahmed, IBA, DU): Forest Industry Development in Bangladesh.

1985: Co-author (with Professor Muzaffer Ahmed, IBA, DU): Forest Industry Development in Bangladesh.

1998: Major author of Project Completion Report on Small and Cottage Industries, submitted by Millennium Consulting to Asian Development Bank, Dhaka. September 1999: Major author of Patterns of Intra-SAARC Trade in SAARC Nations, submitted by MARC to M/O Commerce, Dhaka.


Mohammad Osman Gani spent about 50 years to study and research economic theory. He is the originator of consistency analysis, a completely new paradigm of economic science. His pathbreaking publications are available online for free download. Most of his works remain unpublished.

Foundations of Economic Science – uni-muenchen.de