Dr. Riasat Islam

Dr. Riasat Islam
Assistant Professor

Education & Qualifications
PhD in Computing, 2017 – 2023
The Open University, UK
Dissertation: Wearable technologies to support lower limb rehabilitation and clinical practice: user
requirements, design, and evaluation
MSc in ICT Innovation, 2013 – 2015
University College London (UCL), UK
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Major: Human Computer Interaction & Design | Minor: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Thesis: FunQuest – When Learning Becomes Fun
BSc in Engineering, 2008 – 2012
Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh
Major: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Thesis: Design and Implementation of an Aerial Surveillance Unit using Wireless Communication Scheme

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oct 2021 – Present (Full-time)
The Open University, UK
– Developing educational technologies for school pupils to enhance their outdoor learning experience.
– This project draws from the fields of outdoor education, haptic technologies, human computer
interaction, image processing and artificial intelligence.
Research Consultant, Nov 2020 – Present (Part-time)
The Open University, UK
– Developing an IoT-based system to capture movement and exercise data in-home settings of
recovering knee surgery patients to help clinicians such as physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons to
make better clinical decisions.
Doctoral Researcher, Aug 2017 – May 2023 (Full-time)
The Open University, UK
– Worked on the Haptic Bracelets project, exploring how wearable haptic devices can help in lower limb
rehabilitation of people with neurological conditions. This work has contributed towards a journal
publication, and two more papers are in preparation.
– Worked on the MoJoXlab project, developing MoJoXlab software that can help clinicians such as
physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons to provide objective clinical movement data of their patients
using wearable inertial sensors. This work has contributed towards a high impact journal publication and
a software launch, and one more paper is under preparation for submission.
Research Assistant, Nov 2015 – Apr 2017 (Full-time)
Uppsala University, Sweden
– Developed a web portal to visualize data from segmentation and classification of high-resolution brain
tumour stem cell (Glioblastoma) images and correlating with pathological assessment and luciferase
photon signal data.
– Developed an automated pipeline to analyse the image data in collaboration with the Centre of Image
Analysis, Uppsala University.
– Developed a crowdsourced sleep research study using the PACO app (www.pacoapp.com) in order to
understand daily sleep patterns and identify relevant biomarkers.
– Using big data analysis, statistical modelling and machine learning techniques on neuroimaging (fMRI
and resting-state fMRI), epigenetics and psychometric test data. This work has led to a high impact
journal publication.
Research Intern, Apr 2015 – Aug 2015 (Part-time)
Intel Research Labs Europe, UK
Worked for Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable Connected Cities, an Intel Research
Labs Europe subsidiary. Overseeing the FunQuest project, a play-based outdoor learning for children in
collaboration with a startup, Mission Explore. My primary task was to design a system that would allow
children to learn playfully and build on parent-child interaction.

Work Experience

Co-founder, Trustee and Lead User Research Consultant, Sep 2015 – Present (Part-time)
Greentech Apps Foundation, UK
– Greentech Apps Foundation is a non-profit software organisation. We have a portfolio of 10+ apps
across Android, iOS, desktop, and web platforms. We have users spread across 150 countries, with
1.8M+ active users and have raised £350,000+ via crowdfunding.
– Conducting user interviews, developing personas, usability testing and A/B testing for product
refinements and new features and services.
– Analysed in-app Firebase analytics data and user feedback from multiple sources (social media, app
store and bug reports). Collated key issues and reported to the development team.
– Leading to improved user experience, reduced bug reports, reduced crashes, and improved user
retention rates.
– Analysed analytics data and streamlined donation flow, leading to increased donations.
– Managing a team of product managers, UX/UI designers, and interns to provide the best user
– Following AGILE and EOS methods to accomplish team and organisational objectives.
Co-founder and Director, Apr 2018 – Present (Part-time)
Greentech Apps Limited, UK
– Liaising with clients and other stakeholders in preparing project scope, deliverables and requirements
for design and development teams.
– Negotiating contracts and ensuring timely project delivery.
Mobile Application Developer & Consultant, Feb 2020 — Sep 2020 (Part-time)
University of Hertfordshire & Rasuta Energy Ltd, UK
– Led the development of Live Emission Visualiser mobile application as part of the Innovate UK funded,
LiVETAP project. The mobile application was part of a proof of concept to help people with alerts and
route planning to avoid pollution hotspots. The project was conducted in collaboration with
Wolverhampton City Council.
– The consultancy part helped prepare a work package for Rasuta Energy Ltd in a successful Innovate UK
UX Consultant and Front-End Developer, Oct 2014 — Mar 2015 (Part-time)
First2Design Ltd, UK
First2design was a unique online social space for the creative industries. Having technical and UX Design
expertise, I have worked as the bridge between the design and technical teams, closely integrating the
two teams.
UX Designer, Jan 2014 – May 2014 (Part-time)
SmarTech, Sweden
A complete Internet of Things (IoT) based solution, including an Android platform, provides small
farmers with personalized suggestions based on particular field information collected from an
agricultural embedded device. Responsible for the experience design and pitching at various fundraising
events, exhibitions and competitions.
Web Developer, May 2011 — Jun 2013 (Part-time)
ITL Uganda
Designed and developed numerous websites, forums and brand identity for my clients. Also provided
web admin, maintenance and IT security services.

Teaching Experience

Associate Lecturer, Oct 2019 – Present (Part-time)
The Open University, UK
– TM111 (Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 1),
– TM112 (Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 2)
– TM356 (Interaction Design and the User Experience).
Responsibilities include marking assignments; conducting group and one-to-one tutorial sessions both
online and face-to-face; engaging with students via emails and forums. Monitoring and peer-reviewing
marked assignments of other tutors.
Visiting Lecturer, Oct 2018 – Sept 2020 (Part-time)
University of Bedfordshire, UK
Curriculum design, teaching and examining:
– CIS099-2 – Mobile Applications Development course for undergraduates.
– APP010-2 – Mobile Applications course for IT Apprenticeship students.
Teaching and examining:
– CIS112-2 – Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course for undergraduates.
– CIS113-2 – Information Technologies Industries Project course for undergraduates.
– PAT002-5 – Mobile Applications Development course for undergraduates.
Teaching Assistant, Oct 2017 — Sep 2018 & Oct 2014 — Mar 2015 (Part-time)
University College London, UK
– INST0002 – Programming 1,
– INST0004 – Programming 2,
– INST0003 – Information Systems,
– INST0007 – Web Technologies,
– INST0001 – Database Systems,
– INST0060 – Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Science,
– INST0029: Server Programming and Structured Data.
Assisted in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, running computer practical classes and
answering questions relating to material presented in the lectures. Assisting the course leaders in
marking student assignments and exam invigilating.

Journal Publications

1. T. Georgiou, R. Islam, S. Holland, J. Linden, B. Price, P. Mulholland, and A. Perry, (2020). Rhythmic Haptic
Cueing Using Wearable Devices as Physiotherapy for Huntington Disease: Case Study. JMIR Rehabilitation
and Assistive Technologies, 7(2), article no. 18589. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/71609/
2. R. Islam, M. Bennasar, K. Nicholas, K. Button, S. Holland, P.Mulholland, B.Price, and M. Al-Amri (2020). A
Nonproprietary Movement Analysis System (MoJoXlab) Based on Wearable Inertial Measurement Units
Applicable to Healthy Participants and Those With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Across a
Range of Complex Tasks: Validation Study. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth, 8(6). URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/69997/
3. L. Wiemerslage, R. Islam, C. Kamp, H. Cao, G. Olivo, F. Ence-Eriksson, S. Castillo, A. Larsen, M. Bandstein, L.
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processes based on neural responses and ghrelin levels.” International Journal of Obesity. 2017
Jun;41(6):990. (Impact Factor – 5.337*) URL: https://www.nature.com/articles/ijo201743
4. M. Razan, R. Islam, M. Hasan, M. Hasan, M. Islam, “A Comprehensive study of micro hydro power plant and
its potential in Bangladesh”, ISRN Renewable Energy Journal, Volume 2012, Article ID 635396, 10 pages,
doi:10.5402/2012/635396, URL: http://www.isrn.com/journals/re/2012/635396/

Peer-reviewed conference, symposium and workshop publications

1. R. Islam, D. Gooch, S. Sampath, S. Karlakki, T. Jones, C. Sayers, and B. Price (2023). Slider®-A Novel Device
For Remote Tracking Of Physiotherapy Exercises In Patients With Osteoarthritis Of The Knee: An Early
Report. In: EFORT Annual Congress 2023, 24 to 26 May 2023, Vienna, Austria. URL:
2. R. Islam, S. Holland, B. Price and P. Mulholland (2019). Gait Rehabilitation for Neurological Conditions using
Wearable Devices. In: Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Health, CHI 2019: Conference on Human Factors
in Computing Systems, 5 May 2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/66556/
3. R. Islam (2018). “Wearable Haptic Devices for Gait Re-education by Rhythmic Haptic Cueing”. In: 32nd
International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018), 2-6 Jul 2018, Belfast, Northern
Ireland, United Kingdom, BCS Learning and Development Ltd. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/55976/
4. R. Islam, S. Holland, T. Georgiou, B. Price, and P. Mulholland (2018). “Wearable Haptic Devices for LongTerm Gait Re-education for Neurological Conditions”. In: Haptic Technologies for Healthcare, EuroHaptics
2018, 13-16 Jun 2018, Pisa, Italy. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/55243/
5. R. Islam, T. Georgiou, S. Holland, B. Price, and P. Mulholland (2018). “How can rhythmic haptic cueing using
wearable haptic devices help gait rehabilitation for stroke survivors: a longitudinal pilot study”. In: 2nd
Digital Health & Wellbeing Conference 2018, 01-03 May 2018, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. URL:
6. R. Islam, S. Holland, B. Price, T. Georgiou, and P. Mulholland (2018). “Wearables for Long Term Gait
Rehabilitation of Neurological Conditions”. In: A Short Workshop on Next Steps Towards Long Term Self
Tracking, CHI 2018: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 21-26 Apr 2018, Montreal,
QC, Canada. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/53902/
7. R. Islam, S. Holland, T. Georgiou, B. Price, and P. Mulholland (2018). “A longitudinal rehabilitation case
study for hemiparetic gait using outdoor rhythmic haptic cueing via a wearable device”. In: 27th European
Stroke Conference, 11-13 Apr 2018, Athens, Greece. URL: http://oro.open.ac.uk/53032/
8. R. Islam, S. Holland, T. Georgiou, B. Price, and P. Mulholland (2018). “Gait rehabilitation by outdoor
rhythmic haptic cueing using wearable technology for neurological conditions: a case study”. In: ACPIN
International Neurophysiotherapy Conference, 19-20 Mar 2018, Manchester, UK. URL:
9. C. Krona, S. Kundu, K. Holmberg-Olausson, R. Islam, R. Ramachandra, L. Elfineh, S. Nelander, “In vivo
modeling of high grade glioma for oncology drug development”, Cancer Research 77 (13 Supplement),
4813-4813, 2017. URL: http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/77/13_Supplement/4813.short
Bidding experience

● Consultant to the Director of Rasuta Energy Ltd and worked on preparing bids for Innovate UK. Led to a
successful bid to Innovate UK on “Air-PoT project, Clustered Blockchain Platform for Air pollution Data
Aggregation and Dissemination – A Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Approach to Air Pollution Tracking”.
Total Project: £497,760 (Work Package for Rasuta Energy Ltd: £54,881), Aug 2020.
● Submitted a bid to The Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust worth £25,000 as Principal Researcher for a
mobile motion capture system. (May 2020, bid unsuccessful).
● Submitted a bid to NIHR Long Covid Call worth £253,256.73 as co-investigator. (May 2021, bid
● Submitted a Knowledge Transfer Voucher bid to The Open University worth £13,953.49 as a named
researcher. (June 20201, bid successful).

Reviewing Experience

● Reviewing journal articles for JMIR Publications, reviewed 10+ articles since 2018.
● Reviewed at ACM CHI Conference for 2018, 2021 & 2023.


English: Full Professional Proficiency (IELTS – overall band score 8, out of 9)
Bengali: Native Language Hindi, Urdu: Spoken only

Honours and Awards

Goldcrest Charitable Trust – £75,000 scholarship for PhD Studies.
● EIT Digital Master School – 22,000 € scholarship for postgraduate studies.
● Islamic University of Technology – $8,000 for NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Competition.
● OIC – $15,000 scholarship for 4 years undergraduate studies.
● Daily Star Award for Outstanding Performance in A Levels Examination.
● Daily Star Award for Outstanding Performance in O Levels Examination.

Seminars & Workshops

● Webinar on Reference Management using Zotero – CRCPG Forum, The Open University, 2020, UK.
● Poster presentation – Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Health, CHI 2019, UK.
● Doctoral Consortium in BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference 2018, UK.
● Project demonstration and presentation – Digital Health & Wellbeing Conference 2018, The Open
University, UK.
● Poster presentation – ACPIN International Neurophysiotherapy Conference 2018, UK.
● Seminar on Robotics – Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 2012, Bangladesh.
● Conducted workshop on AVR Microcontroller – Islamic University of Technology, 2012, Bangladesh.

Extra Curricular Activities

● UK-based LightSeekers Podcast and Milton Keynes based Ramadan FM – Hosting and producing numerous
podcasts and radio shows since 2019 – 2020.
● Played cricket and won several trophies in various leagues across Bangladesh, Sweden and UK, 2004 – 2019.
● Volunteering with Greentech Apps Foundation, UK, since 2015. Work leading to the fundraising of more
than £350,000 for the charity.
● Held positions of Assistant General Secretary, Vice President and President of IUTISS, a study society at
Islamic University of Technology, 2010 – 2012.
● Vice President of IUT IEEE Student Branch, Islamic University of Technology, 2012.
● Supervised a team of 4 people working for the automation and control of Lunatian II for NASA’s Fourth
Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition, 2012 – 2013.