Student Advising

Student Advising

Student Advising

The university has put in place an arrangement for undergraduate and graduate student advising through partnership with faculty advisors, academic departments and other ZUMS support staff to encourage academic and personal development of all students. At ZUMS, we consider advising as the dynamic relationship between a student and adviser. The main focus of advising is on helping students identify life goals, acquire skills and attitudes that promote intellectual growth, and become academically successful.

The Office of Student Affairs

During a student’s first year at ZUMS, students are expected to meet with a member of the office of student affairs to discuss their academic interests and goals and to develop an academic plan. Proper care and consideration should go into developing the academic plan. While it is a living document that may change in consideration of the changes in circumstances, the academic plan lays out a road map that shows how a student plans to complete the requirements for obtaining the degree at ZUMS.

Faculty Advisors

A faculty advisoris assigned at the end of a student’s first year, who mainly guides the student through all aspects of degree completion. Faculty Advisors also discuss research possibilities for students with other faculty, career opportunities, and in general, act as a mentor for the student.

Peer Advisors

The peer advisors are current students who assist new students as they transition to the university life, by sharing experiences, providing insight, and responding to questions and concerns.

At the beginning of a semester, peer advisors introduce themselves to the new students, answer any initial questions the student might have, and assist them with planning for curricular and extra-curricular activities. Peer advisors also work closely with the office of student affairs and faculty advisors, and maintain contact with students throughout the year.